Jamaica’s Prime Minister must declare the Mandate of Jamaica’s Representtaive to the Africa Union

he BottomLine is that “when your house is burning, it is no use beating the Tom – Toms” and Africa and the Africa Diaspora is burning! Is it enough to just talk about it, the issues that are confronting us as a people, or is it time as Amilcar Cabral argues “to realize that we are not going to eliminate oppression and injustice, neo colonialism and new slavery, imperialism and land grabbing, by shouting against it. That for us the best or worst shout against our continued oppression by our various governments, multi national corporations, agencies and institutions, that our best or worst shout is to fight back?”

The BottomLine is that we must fight back:
1. against Genetically modified foods and products flooding our farms, markets and shelves;
2. we must fight back against the incursion of MONSANTO into Africa and the Caribbean and against the individuals who represent MONSANTO;
3. We must fight back against a Government who would appoint an Ambassador whose major clientlist includes MONSANTO to represent Jamaica at the Africa Union;
4. we must fight back against a System that is locking us out of our beaches and denying us access to our coastline;
5. we must fight back against a regime that is presiding over the biggest non – reversible corporatization (or Land Grab)of our Land and Agriculture since Slavery;
6. we must fight back against the Militarization of the Africa and Caribbean waters by the US through AFRICOM and the CBSI – WE MUST FIGHT BACK!

The BottomLine is that Africa and the Arican Diaspora, including Jamaica are right now, at this minute, as we speak – being confronted with one of the most intense thrust ever – to open up the Continent and its diaspora, to Genetically Engineered Foods and Products!

African Countries such as Zambia, Senegal and Nigeria which had previously resisted attempts from MONSANTO and SYGENTA to flood the Continent with Genetically engineered seeds and products have relented and are now opening up their borders to GMOs from Cassava to Maize and everything in between.

Nigeria is an interesting case because as I told you just four weeks ago right here in this Forum, GoodWorks International, whose co – executives are Jamaica’s Ambassador to the Africa Union, Ambassador Carlton Masters and Former Prime Minister of Jamaica PJ Patterson – that Good Works International have as their clients, MONSANTO and NIGERIA.

Is it a coincidence that Nigeria is one of the African Countries where we are now seeing this renewed and intense push for Genetically Engineered Food and Products. And that this push is being spearheaded by Ministers of Government and other highly placed officials in Nigeria. In fact Nigeria has just announced that it sees nothing wrong with Genetically Engineered Foods and Products and are now on a massive campaign to introduce GMOs into that country! Cassava – genetically engineered cassava – being approved, cultivated and embedded in Nigeria!

The BottomLine is that Nigeria does not have a bio – safety law and theerefore does not have the mechanisms in place to monitor and controll the influx of genetically engineered foods into the country! Neither does Senegal. And Zambia we know was pressured into accepting GMOs or else! A few years ago.

But what is driving this new push for genetically engineered crops and foods in Africa and the African Diaspora? Especially when the research has shown that genetically engineered crops do NOT give more yield than natural crops and that it is cheaper to fund the transportation of natural food within and across Africa, than to ship ton loads of GMOs into Africa?

The rate at which vast acres of Land are being “grabbed” by MONSANTO, SYNGENTA, DOW AGROSCIENCES, BASF; PIONEER H – BRED INTERNATIONAL and BAYER CROPSCIENCE all Genetic Engineering Organizations (The Big 6 as they are called); is unprecedented.

The BottomLine is that All the Civil Rights and activists for Social Justice in Nigeria and across the Continent of Africa agree that there are very powerful forces behind the push towards genetically engineered foods and products into Africa.

In fighting back, who do we fight back against? Osagefyo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah challenges us to define and name the enemy.

What is the relationship between the unholy haste to introduce GMOs into Nigeria and the representation ( by GoodWorks International) of both Nigeria and the company with the largest market share of genetically engineered crops in the world – MONSANTO?

And to what extent is this relationship made into an even sweeter deal by the appointment of one half of GoodWorks International Ambassador Carlton Masters, as Jamaica’s representative to the Africa Union?

Those questions I cannot answer – as yet – but I am concerned that even the very appearance of a conflict of interest in this matter is too much to sit back and do nothing! As I am concerned that we saw the same unholy haste to push Cassava into the farming habits of small scale farmers in Jamaica, who were doing quite well ith their Yams, sweet potatos(which we uderstand will now be imported into the country – genetically engineered? We do not know), and yes! natural cassavas, etc.

The BottomLine is that we do not know the extent to which genetically engineered foods have entered the Food Chain here in Jamaica, we certainly do not know if our Cassava and Sweet Potatos have been compromised! MONSANTOs major objective is flood the Continent of Africa and it’s diaspora (the World for that matter), with genetically engineered foods and products! But the scary part of that is that once genetically engineered organisms, seeds and other products are unleashed in any country, they cannot be recalled!

Who in Jamaica, which organization is responsible for monitoring genetically engineered foods at our borders; what are the laws governing GMOs in Jamaica; does Jamaica have a bio – safety policy and if so, how is it being implemented and enforced? Can Jamaica say “NO” to MONSANTO when Monsanto is a client of GoodWorks International? One half of GoodWorks International being our Ambassador to the Africa Union and the other half our beloved former Prime Minister?

We must fight back! This is not the time for singing and dancing and beating drums, unless it’s the sound of the communication drum – beating the cry of War and calling the soliders to order!

In fighting back we demand of the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller, that she declare:
1. Whose interests does Ambassador Carlton Masters represent at the Africa Union – is it Monsanto, Nigeria, Chevron, Cocoa Cola; the people of Jamaica
2. With Good Works International representing Energy Companies such as MIRANT (who was in Jamaica ) Cocoa Cola and Monsanto, how are we to respond to the triple threat of land grabbing for natural resources for energy by international companies; the fight to label genetically modified foods and Genetically Modified Foods coming into Jamaica and now being pushed on African Countries
3. How can we (Africa and the Caribbean) protect against Big Pharma and their efforts to push pharmaceuticals on developing countries – Pharmaceuticals tied to AID and TRADE, When our representative at the Africa Union represents Sumitomo Chemicals, producers of Pharmaceuticals and vast amount of Chemicals?
4. With Ambassador Carlton Masters as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (The CFR) , why should we expect that he will at any time put Jamaica’s and Africa’s interest before that of the CFR , AFRICOM and the United States of America where he lives and whose interests he now represents on the Illuminati controlled CFR?

The BottomLine is that the time for Toms – Toms is over, the time for beating drums and sounding abengs is long gone. If we do not act now, if we do not fight back now, we will be presdiding over the new enslavement of four or five of our generations to come.

Fredrick Douglas tells us that ‘Power does not concede witout a demand” and demands must be targeted, matched by ultimatums and action.

I have started a petition, which is no circulating on the Social Media and will soon be in every nook and cranny of Jamaica and Africa!
Please visit my Facebook pages Kabu Maat Kheru Williams and Running African the IRIE FM FORUM and sign the petition if you havent done so already.

This is a call to action What can you do? Start by signing the petition!
That’s the BottomLine!

Pan Africanism or Perish : Reparations Now!

The BottomLine is that in the words of Franz Fanon “each generation MUST out of relativey obscurity, discover its Mission, fullfill it, or betray it” and I am convinced that the mission of my generation is – the mission of Reparations.

 Twenty two years ago, as a young journalist, I met and visited with one of the great scholars of our time, Dr. John Henrick Clarke in Chicago. It was the occasion of the annual conference of the African Heritage Studies Association. Dr. Clarke spent appx half an hour out of  a two hour session repeating to us (the younger generation) Pan – Africanism or Perish! Reparations Now!

 The BottomLine is that this challenge from our now Ancestor, continues to resonate with me and formed the backbone of a then fledlging Radio programme (Running African). I knew then that part of my mission was public education on the issues surrounding the Reparations Claim.

 The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America define Reparations as ‘Payment of a debt owed; the act of repairing a wrong or injury; to atone for wrong doings; to make amends; to make one whole again; the payment of damages; to repair a nation; Compensation in money, land, or materials for damages”.

A claim which must urgently be brought against Europe and America for the brutal  enslavement of millions of Africans, the period of colonization and the continued oppression of African peoples everywhere!

 The BottomLine is that Dr. John Henrick Clarke’s call to arms – Pan Africanism or Perish! Reparations Now! Is  more relevant than ever before and now more than ever, there needs to be urgency and a unity of purpose within and among the many Reparations groups and organizations across the African Diaspora – Reuninting the African Family for Development! Especially in a global envionment of increasing Black debt burden, economic slavery and heavy reliance on international lending Agencies such as the IMF.


In the words of our beloved Chancellor Williams “Africa and the African Diaspora Is only half free and it will not be free until it is Economically free”. Part of that freedom is intricately woven in the Reparations Agenda.


The BottomLine is that the Reparations movement has a long and dynamic history,( From Mwalimu Marcus Mosiah Garvey to Prof. Verene Shepherd and growing ) – with many scholars, organizations, groups and individuals from the Continent of Africa to the Caribbean taking on the challenge and passing the baton to successive generations. And even though it appears as if not much is being achieved, each step has been a step toward progress. Each rejection of even the idea of Reparations is a step in sensitization and a movement toward our ultimate goal. 


We must not give up!


The BottomLine is that Reparations has largely been a “People’s Movement” and the insistence among many of our fellow Pan Africanists in keeping this a “grassroots” movement must be rethought. All elements are necessary if the movement is to succeed – the litigation process, the legislation efforts and the Community Education process. As Prof. Beckles noted “Successful cases of Reparations have generally required concerted Political Action at the level of the State”. As an ongoing socio – political movement, the urgency of State support is palpable.


The BottomLine is that there have been two Reparations Commissions set up by the Jamaican State so far, but even with the setting up of these Commissions, the Jamaican State has never really been fully committed to the process and has in fact thwarted and sabotaged movements which would further the cause of Reparations. We must throw our support behind the current Reparations Commission, now being led by Prof. Verene Shepherd and if we are serious about Reparations, about repairing the pyschological, social, political and economic damage caused by slavery,  ask questions of our Government, about its commitment to the cause.


As Jomo Kenyatta reminded us “it is only by our action, that they will know that we mean business”


We recently read a Bloomberg interview in which our Prime Minister, in no uncertain  terms, made it clear that Jamaica had no intention of making Reparations claim on the British Government – that is,  even while the Jamaican Government had a Reparations Commission in place. This is scary stuff.


We do not question whether Germany should pay Reparations to the Jews, or the United States to the Japanese, in fact we expect and applaud it. What about us?


The BottomLine is that we are bearing witness to the devastating effect of decades of Structural Violence inherent in policies, systems and institutions which are all legacies of the evil, ferocious, brutal and corrupting Slavery and we  have maintained a Silence close to Stupidity!


The BottomLine is that we all have a stake In this, this is it, this is our time. It is the Mission of this Generation, to fulfill the Reparations mandate or else Betray it!



Stress, Hypertension and the Jamaican Economy

The BottomLine is that The Global brief on hypertension describes why, in the early 21st century, hypertension is a global public health issue.

It describes how hypertension contributes to the burden of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure; and premature death; and disability.

The document also explains how hypertension is both preventable and treatable and how governments, health workers, civil society, the private sector, families and individuals can join forces to reduce hypertension and its impact.

The BottomLine is that taking into consideration all the risk factors for High Blood Pressure and the attendant lifestyle diseases in our specific case here in Jamaica, within the context of sustained stress as a result of poverty and ongoing violence; trauma from high taxes and utility bills; an Unjust Justice System which blatantly protects the rich and the children of the privileged; and the callous insensitivity of Government to the suffering of the Jamaican people – it is no wonder that so many Jamaicans are presenting with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Heart Attacks and Stokes!

The BottomLine is that as Jamaicans we must  pay special attention to the conversation on  High Blood Pressure as a Global Public Health Crisis, but more than that we must be cognizant of our own special situation in the matter.

The BottomLine is that  as a Nation, as a People, we  have been under continued stress for so long we can’t even remember when the trauma began, BUT the last three decades  have been especially traumatic for all African Jamaicans:

  • as we came face to face with crime AND VIOLENCE in a way in which many of us have never dreamt we would
  • As we witnessed successive Governments wantonly squander the public’s purse for their own personal gain with scant regard for “we the people”
  • as we watched seemingly helpless, as members of Parliament who were supposed to represent the people, and protect our rights, fill their pockets with our money, sold of our properties to the highest bidder and became rotten rich while we became poorer and poorer

The BottomLine is that many of us have already succumbed to High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Kidney failure as a result of both, many of our warriors are dead;  and many of us are now battling illnesses and diseases for which we have no name, except for the stress which has brought it on.

The BottomLine is that we have been beaten down with Tribal Politics as each political Party and its Leadership successively strengthen and institutionalize the politics of scarce benefits and spoils, and it seems that we’ve come to a junction, a fork in the road where we know that this is the place where we all must fight for our rights, for equal rights, for Justice – or else die like hogs!!

The BottomLine is that  the implementation of exorbitant increases in property and all other  taxes, the steady decline of the Jamaica dollar and the strident refusal of the Portia Simpson led Government to show empathy with our suffering, to show empathy with the people, through symbolic gestures of cabinet reduction, cuts in salaries, cut back on the wanton spending on high end vehicles and similar luxuries – rest heavily on many of us and many are presenting with High Blood Pressure, dying from Heart Attacks due to Stress and suffering all kinds of strokes.

As it is now, Jamaicans are bracing ourselves for another Budget presentation, in an cruel and brutal  environment in which  many are already feeling the stress of a system which after it has taxed its people within an inch of our lives, turns around and tax the barrels of food sent by our relatives and friends overseas.

The BottomLine is that Taxation without representation – is extortion!

So now we ask, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kings asked right here in Ocho Rios Jamaica in the 1960s –  where do we go from here – Chaos or Community?

The BottomLine is that as daunting as things are, as angry as we may be, as hopeless as the situation might appear, we cannot, MUST NOT go down without a fight!

A fight against High Blood Pressure yes, a fight against strokes and Heart Attacks yes, a fight against Kidney Failure..

But more than anything, The BottomLine is that  even while we fight these non-communicable diseases, we must also fight against injustice, against oppression against a system which is bent on bleeding us dry.

We Must fight for a better Jamaica for ourselves and and our families, for our children! We must reclaim Jamaica, take back Jamaica from the imbeciles who will drive it into the ground! W must take back Jamaica from those who reck this country while we are still on it! We must take back Jamaica!

We cannot lie down and die! We must not die like hogs!

Neither can we wait on the evolution of history at this critical juncture in our development, we who are concerned with unity and independence and prosperity and freedom –  MUST like Osageyfo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, be prepared to give history a revolution push.

There is no better leader within the PNP or the JLP – There is no saviour who is going to come and miraculously change our fortunes. This is our fight. We are it. We are our own leaders. We must be the change that we want to see!

The BottomLine is that Hypertension can be prevented, so too can poverty, tribalism, oppression and injustice!

The World Health Organization says High Blood Pressure is a silent killer which rarely causes symptoms and that increasing public awareness is key. The WHO argues that High Blood Pressure is a serious warning sign that significant lifestyle changes are urgently needed.

The BottomLine is that poverty, injustice, tribalism, crime and violence and oppression are (like hypertension) preventable and treatable social disorders and governments, public sector workers, civil society, the private sector, families and individuals must join forces to reduce the impact.

Our situation tells us clearly that is a serious warning sign that significant lifestyle changes are urgently needed.

And in the Words of the great Jamaican Poet of the Harlem Renaissance, Claude McKay

If we must die, let it not be like hogs

Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,

While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,

Making their mock at our accursèd lot.

If we must die, O let us nobly die,

So that our precious blood may not be shed

In vain; then even the monsters we defy

Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!

O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!

Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,

And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow!

What though before us lies the open grave?

Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,

Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!